Civil Society Coordination Meeting on 18th August 2022 – Meeting Minute

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Subjects for the previous agenda:

The subject from the previous agenda established to be addressed in today’s meeting was the elaboration of an analysis of the Infopoint positioning regarding the distance required to be walked down by the refugees to the area where they can benefit from the services offered by the organizations. 

  • Ovidiu Lazariuc, CNRR dealt with the subject and so, he presented the conclusions following the discussion with the authorities on the situation. For the moment, the location remains in its current form, and the situation will be reanalyzed at the beginning of October. Also, if the evolution of the flow of refugees requires a different approach, appropriate decisions will be taken so that the reception of refugees from the crossing point is carried out in an organized manner, according to their needs.


Subjects addressed on the agenda of the day:

       1. Cool weather coming

Cheryl, Good Neighbors International: Soon the weather will start to cool and the ISU tents do not provide adequate living conditions for the refugees.

  • Ovidiu Lazariuc, CNRR: Considering the current organization around the Siret Border Crossing Point, the refugees will be housed in these tents for a few hours, until the transfer to their next destination is organized, either they travel further, or they are assigned to specially equipped centres. Suceava county has a capacity of over 1000 places to stay, in organized centres.


       2. Available services offered

Mia Saraiva, Medicine du Monde Greece: The organization provides medical services at PTF Siret, respectively in the Chernivtsi area, Ukraine, through the mobile clinic that will resume its activity in approximately two weeks, when the team will be prepared. 

Mia brings the following information, which may be useful to colleagues from other organizations:

  • The availability of the organization to respond to requests for the provision of services in the Rădăuți area and even within the Suceava county, where these services are not covered by other organisations in certain areas or localities.

Delia Zebreniuc, Save the Children Suceava: recently, the organization opened a centre in Suceava for refugee mothers and children, where integrated services are provided, including medical services, and employing a paediatrician. Also, the mobile team of the centre can serve different areas and localities.

  • A volunteer database, where a number of forty volunteers from Portugal have registered, they are ready to provide support and aid to refugees and organizations in PTF Siret. Right now, a few volunteers are already accommodated in Rădăuți and ready to take requests from organizations. Colleagues are therefore invited to contact Mia for this purpose.

Eunice Candrianu, Good Neighbors International: Who bears the accommodation costs for these volunteers?

  • Mia: This topic will be discussed privately with each volunteer, as there are different possibilities to bear the costs, either by sharing the costs between the organization and the volunteer, or they are borne entirely by the volunteer.