An Introduction to Volunteering in Siret

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First of all, thank you so much for dedicating your time, skills, energy, and enthusiasm to be part of this important humanitarian intervention.   You will have the opportunity to make an important impact here in Siret on the lives of so many people that need urgent care, safety, understanding and friendship.  We are proud that so many Romanian citizens, civil servants and international volunteers are demonstrating such warm-heartedness and good intentions in coming forward.

In order for your contribution to be effective, this short introduction is designed to give an overview of some of the basic principles of emergency relief work.  At the end of each chapter, there is a link to the original source for more reading but that is not required to take the test at the end.

General Principles Essential to Humanitarian Work:

  1. Core Humanitarian Standards
  2. Child Protection
  3. Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
  4. Protecting Refugees from Trafficking
  5. Infant and Small Child Feeding Concerns
  6. Photography and Data Protection

Specific Orientation to the Siret Border Point Response:

  1. Collaboration between Civil Society and Government Authorities
  2. NGO coordination role and communication tools
  3. How refugees move through the border point (flow chart)
  4. Basic principles of hospitality and empathy in receiving refugees
  5. Translation 
  6. Introduction to Psychological First Aid
  7. Self-care and resources

TEST. Ask your Team Leader / Coordinator for the test link so you can self evaluate your knowledge of these modules. You can also take the test at the  Civil Society Coordination Center. The center is open from 10-18.