Civil Society Coordination Meeting on 11th august 2022 – Meeting Minute

As the items discussed on last week’s meeting agenda have been solved and no further questions have been raised, the meeting continues with the items on today’s agenda.

Topics on the agenda:

1. Events since the last meeting:

  • On Sunday, August 7, the Foreign Delegation of officials from Germany and France paid a visit to the Siret Border Crossing Point. The county and local authorities were present, and Prefect Alexandru Moldovan presented the general situation and the stages completed in BCP Siret from the beginning of the war situation until now, emphasizing the excellent collaboration and the role of the entities involved: authorities, organizations, civil society. The minutes of the conference can be found on the website.
  • On Tuesday, August 9, DGASPC organized a meeting with organizations, where topics of interest to organizations and authorities were discussed, as well as proposals for closer collaboration. The PRIMERO application and its purpose were presented. Details of the discussions during the meeting are available on the website.

2. The PRIMERO application, for registration of Ukrainian children who come to Romania

The PRIMERO platform is managed by the National Authority for the Protection of Children’s Rights and Adoption and will operate at the national level with the support of UNICEF Romania. The identification and registration of children will be carried out at the level of the General Directorates of Social Assistance and Child Protection and the SERA Romania Foundation.

Ovidiu Lazariuc, CNRR requested details on how to operate and fill up the application.

Nicoleta Daneliuc and Florin Tărnăuceanu, from DGASPC Suceava, explained the need for a national record of children from Ukraine, who entered on Romanian soil, and for which the government created this application to have a record of Ukrainian children on the territory to the Romanian state, to build strategies to include them in Romanian society, to access services such as health, education etc., but also to facilitate the process of reuniting families separated by the war. Therefore, organizations that contact families with Ukrainian children, or unaccompanied children, can contact Florin Tărnăuceanu within the DGASPC Suceava, who can provide details and retrieve the information. Data registration in the PRIMERO application is done by DGASPC representatives, emphasizing that the data is confidential.

Florin Tărnăuceanu contact details:

Phone: +40743164585


3. The flow of refugees at Siret Customs and the occupancy rates of accommodation places in Rădăuți Camp

In the last two weeks or so, there has been a slight increase in the number of refugees who requested accommodation in the Rădăuți camp. The subject was addressed with the heads of the POA within BCP Siret, who mentioned that the situation is being monitored and the addition of necessities and food is being considered.

4. Distance between Infopoint Center and organizations

Ovidiu Lazariuc, CNRR: After relocating the organizations’ containers, it was found by their representatives that there is a considerable distance from the Infopoint Center to the place where the organizations are located, which provide first aid services at BCP Siret. Ovidiu proposes to develop an analysis of the positioning of the Infopoint Center and present it to the authorities.

=> Ovidiu Lazariuc will deal with this topic

5. Electricity

Viorel Topală, Star of Hope: How will organizations’ electricity bills be paid?

At the meeting of the organizations with the authorities, which took place last week, the organizations were assured that the subject is under the attention of the authorities to identify a solution, and they will return later with an answer.