Civil Society Coordination Meeting on September 8th 2022 – Meeting Minute

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From the previous agenda:

Erin, Good Neighbors InternationalDuring the meeting with the representatives of the Save the Children Organization, which provides support through the services offered to children in the Rădăuți Refugee Camp, it will be analyzed the opportunity to carry out an activity together, given that Save the Children Romania also offers MHPSS-type services.


Topics discussed today:

1. Specific procedures offered to children in Siret Border Crossing

Erin, Good Neighbors International: wants to know more about the procedures of the organizations present at the Siret Border Crossing Point, namely, what is the procedure in case of unaccompanied children and how to proceed in cases of children who need psychological support or intensive help.

  • Diana,  CNRR: Unaccompanied children are directed to DGASPC representatives, according to child protection procedures, so that safe conditions are ensured for each child.
  • Delia, Save the Children: the organization offers psychosocial counselling, but also basic food, both for children and their women.


2. Support programs for refugees implemented from the second half of September

Adriana, IOM: in the near future, IOM, together with Rădăuțiul Civic, will launch two projects to support the refugees in Romania, namely:

  • Within a project, on the one hand, training sessions for volunteers, Romanian language courses for refugees, as well as support for refugees in identifying and obtaining a job, through mediation between them and AJOFM, respectively companies from the environment, are provided private, and on the other hand, the implementation of an educational program is being considered, through which refugee children are supported in the process of registration in Romanian education, by identifying their needs.
  • The second project provides support by compensating the cost of renting a home with a fixed amount, granted monthly, for a period of 6 months.


3. Immediate need for cleaning and hygiene products

Adriana, IOM: The refugee camp in Rădăuți is in immediate need of cleaning and hygiene products. Organizations are requested to consider the possibility of support with such products.

=> Edi, Star of Hope: We forward the request to management and get back with a response.

=> Delia, Save the Children: We raise this issue and come back with a response.