Siret Border Civil Society Coordination Minutes of Meeting 11/4/22

1. It was proposed to move the weekly meeting from Tuesday to another weekday. The consensus decision reached is to move the meeting to Thursdays. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, 21.04.2022, 12:00.

2. What is the difference between asylum and social protection, what is the advice we should be offering to the refugees?

a. Star of Hope will call the national solidarity call center (+40377 300 300) and find out the answer;

b. Star of Hope will look into the possibility of organizing a workshop with all the Refugee Assistance and Case Services (RACS) involved;

c. The Civil Society Coordination office will discuss with AsproAS the possibility of organizing a workshop on the matter.

3. There is a need for a permanent pool of translators, that organizations could share;

a. JDC has translators in their tent 24 / 7, most of them translating UA / RU to EN;

b. individual translators, managed by ISU, could be found permanently at the camp entrance location;

c. all organizations present at the border should budget for permanent translators in applications to the larger INGOs.

4. Keeping confidentiality of personal information of refugees (eg. health situation);

a. Rădăuțiul Civic and JDC will work together to present at the next meeting a  confidentiality form based on the forms they are already using in their organization, to be used in the future by other organizations too.

5. The translators should have different uniforms, that would stand out and differentiate them from other volunteers / staff;

a. JDC will have 50 such vests manufactured & personalized;

6. Refugee Assistance and Case Services (RACS) need the information about the number of refugees crossing daily the border in Siret;

a. Civil Society Coordination office will retry to obtain this information from the authorities;

7. Core Humanitarian Standards:

a. Civil Society Coordination Office has printed 50 copies of the standards in plain RO / EN / UA, encourages all organizations to post a copy in each tenth;

8. Any Other Business:

a. translators and authorities should not rush the refugees;

all organizations to emphasize this aspect in the training of translators;

b. Civil Society Coordination Office will propose the authorities to have a training for all the forces that rotate into the camp;

When the buses stop, authorities should allow the refugees to get down of the bus, serve a meal and take care of other basic needs;

discussion to be held at the next meeting;