Civil Society Coordination Meeting on July 28th, 2022 – Meeting Minutes

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1. Points on the previous agenda:

Moving and connecting containers to electricity and water:

  • Ovidiu Lazariuc, CNRR: The placed containers are connected to the water and electricity networks.
  • Delia Zebreniuc, Save the Children Organization: The container intended for them will arrive and be placed on Friday, July 29th.
  • Paula,  Rădăuţiul Civic: There have been problems with the sewage system.

=>To remedy the situation, Mihaela Apostol,  AMURTEL, will contact Ionuț Ursu,  Volunteer for Life, the organisation that provides the containers for free and that ensures their installation.

Taxi cars:

  • Ovidiu, CNRR: A parking space has been allocated for taxi cars, and thus they no longer park in front of the containers, the area is being set up by organizations to provide their services to refugees.

2. Support of non-food goods and accommodation services for refugees

  • Irina Bystritskaya, UNHCR: In the next period, aid will arrive in Romania consisting of hygiene products intended for camps/centres that host refugees, as well as refugee families housed individually, within the counties of Suceava, Botoșani, Satu Mare, Maramureș. Therefore, organizations are invited to recommend such centres/camps/families to Irina, to benefit from the products provided by UNHCR.

 Contact details of Irina Bystritskaya: 0723201902;

  • Viviana Huțuleac,  Rădăuţiul Civic: Availability of free accommodation in Sibiu, for refugees from Ukraine: SOS Children’s Villages, Cisnădie.

 Contact details for accommodation: Emilia: 0724609480

3. Support request

Viviana Huțuleac,  Rădăuţiul Civic: The accommodation camp in Rădăuți needs containers for refugees, therefore, the representatives of organizations that have the opportunity, are asked to recommend contact persons or companies that can provide such containers.

Viviana Huțuleac contact details: 0744333628.

4. Info point Centre

Tibi, Star of Hope: What is the situation of the Infopoint centre in the next period, considering the movement of containers outside the security area of ​​the border point?

=> Mihaela Apostol,  AMURTEL, will request an answer from POA Siret.

5. Other items on the agenda

Send Relief withdraws its activity from the Siret Crossing Border, redirecting its resources to refugees on the territory of Ukraine.