Civil Society Coordination Meeting on September 29th, 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Previous agenda:

Regarding the topic of the relocation of ecological toilets at the Siret Border Crossing Point, Delia, Save the Children Organization: spoke with the representatives of the Siret City Hall, who said that they would analyze the situation and return with an answer. Since an answer in this regard has not yet been communicated, a new discussion with the Siret City Hall authorities has been proposed.

=> Mihaela, AMURTEL, and Delia, Save the Children Organization, will take care of this aspect.


Today’s Topics:

1. Waste areas

Recently, the areas where containers for household waste are placed are overloaded, with the possibility of developing an unhealthy environment. It was decided to contact the administration and find a solution.

=> Mihaela, AMURTEL, will contact the representatives of Siret City Hall in this regard.


2. Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Maria, the FARA Foundation, in collaboration with Yellow Help and Help Ukraine – organizations operating on the territory of Ukraine, contributes humanitarian aid to refugees in Ukraine, in the Kharkiv area, approximately 4,000 people. The need of the moment is winter clothing and footwear.

Also, the FARA Foundation collects food – for the same region, Kharkiv, such as rice, pasta, milk, canned meat, canned fish, sugar, oil, water and snacks. Donors can be legal entities, and organizations, but also individuals, and they can contact Maria for details.

=> Maria will contact the Warehouse in Siret, where winter clothes were stored, in the eventuality that they could be taken to Ukraine if they are still in the warehouse.


3. Reminder for the meeting with representatives of The World Bank Representative

At 15:30, in the meeting room of the Advanced Operational Point at the Siret Border Crossing Point, the organizations are invited to the meeting with the representative of the World Bank.