Civil Society Coordination Meeting on November, 24th, 2022 – Meeting Minutes

1. The situation of the transit of refugees

ISU, Siret Border Crossing Advanced Operative Point: regarding the two border crossing points, Vicovu de Sus and Siret, the transit of refugees from Ukraine, according to the information communicated by the customs authority, is constant. Refugees are transported and accommodated in the transit centres, and transit tents equipped with heating systems are ready to be used in customs, a specialized employee constantly supervises their proper functioning. The institution is ready to intervene in any situation and also collaborates with other organizations for special cases.


2. The case presented by DGSAPC

At the Vicovu de Sus Border Crossing Point, two children entered the country with their grandmother, but without legal accompanying documents. GDSAPC is working with ISU and other organizations to solve the case.


3. Container placement in the Info Point waiting area

Save the Children and CNRR propose the analysis of the placement of a heated container near the Info Point, intended to house refugees who are in transit, waiting for transportation to the airport, train station, or transit centres.

=> AMURTEL will contact the authorities to analyze the situation.


4. ICRC project to restore family links

Representatives of the Geneva International Committee of the Red Cross visited the Siret Border Crossing Point and among other activities carried out, the project of restoring family links, as a response to the armed conflict in Ukraine, was presented. The Service for Restoring Family Links of the Romanian Red Cross assists families who are searching for missing persons, this is represented in Romania, Ukraine and Russia by specialized departments.

On the ICRC website you can find more information about other Red Cross societies, as well as the ONLINE SEARCH FORM through which the case can be sent directly to the Red Cross societies.


5. Photo exhibition

As part of the 16-day global campaign run by UN Women to eliminate gender-based violence (GBV), and to increase public awareness, AMURTEL proposes a small photo contest on this topic, through which 30 photos will be selected to be exhibited for a month in the CATTIA refugee centre in Brașov.

If you have photos on this topic or know photographers involved, you can add such photos in the following form:  

Click here for more details. 


6. Jobs for specialists in Chernivtsi, Ukraine

IOM: several children from different orphanages in Ukraine are brought to the orphanage in Chernivtsi. In order to deal with this situation, it is necessary to employ personnel specialized in working with children. Interested persons are invited to contact the IOM representative at the Info Point in Vama Siret.