Civil Society Coordination Meeting on September 1st 2022 – Meeting Minute

At the previous meeting

Two courses of action were established regarding the concerns raised, of which the designated colleagues came up with answers for each of the topics:

1. Rumours circulating among refugees

Diana, CNRR, together with Dimitris, Medicine du Monde Greece, discussed the subject with the authorities. The answer sent to the organizations was that only official information is taken into account, and concrete actions are taken only based on it. The representatives of the authorities stated that they are prepared at any time, from the point of view of personnel, respectively regarding logistics and accommodation, for the eventuality of a rapid increase in the flow of refugees at the entrance to the Siret Border Crossing Point.

2. Payment of electricity costs

The subject of the discussions between Suceava county authorities and UNHCR regarding the support of utility expenses of small organizations, which did not foresee these types of costs in the project budgets, was taken up by Retno from UNHCR, who addressed the question to the project coordinators at the national level from the UNHCR framework. The answer was that from the legal point of view, it is impossible to conclude a contract for taking over utility expenses with a private company, as a service provider.


Topics of today’s discussion

Erin, Good Neighbors International, follows the communications sent by the authorities and wants to visit the children accommodated in Rădăuți Camp and thus, offer the organisation’s services to these children. Erin asks for a contact person referral to contact and arrange the camp visit, which was kindly provided by colleagues.

The representatives of the organizations present at the meeting mentioned the fact that in the last few days, a slight decrease in the number of refugees entering Romania via Siret Border Crossing is visible, but the services offered are requested by them, whether these are medical services, for the mother and child, for people with difficulties in functioning, either hygiene products, first aid products, water, food, psychosocial first aid, information on legal rights, however, the services are constantly requested and are offered with professionalism by the specialists and volunteers on the site.