Civil Society Coordination Meeting on September 15th, 2022 – Meeting Minutes

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Previous agenda:

One of the topics from the previous agenda, raised by Adriana, IOM, was a proposal to organizations, for a possible analysis of granting support to the Rădăuți Refugee Camp, consisting of cleaning and hygiene products, which are needed immediately. The responses of the two representatives of the organizations that took over the request were as follows:

  •  Corina, Star of Hope: For the next 6 months, the foundation is involved in projects of the budget, they do not allow allocation of money for activities other than those established within these projects.
  • Delia, Save the Children Organization: The organization is present in the Camp and constantly provides personal hygiene products and detergents for the people accommodated.

It was the proposal of an answer from the management of the camp:

=> Retno, UNHCR, and Mihaela, AMURTEL, will contact the Camp’s management to get an updated answer.


Topics under discussion:

1. Ecological toilets

Corina, Star of Hope: The ecological toilets were picked up the previous week, but there is an immediate need to be placed back.

=> Delia Save the Children: She will have a discussion with the mayor of Siret, in order to resolve the situation.


2. After school and workshops for children

Delia, Save the Children Organization: Starting from Monday, September 19, at HUB Suceava, the After School program opens from Monday to Friday, for refugee children in primary education, respectively grades I-IV. Also, from Monday, September 19, educational workshops for children and teenagers will be organized.

Organizations can also recommend these services and activities to refugees.