Civil Society Coordination Meeting on October 6th, 2022 – Meeting Minutes


From the preview agenda

1. Replacement of ecological toilets and household waste areas

Mihaela,  AMURTEL, and Delia,  Save the Children Organization, discussed with representatives of the Siret Town Hall administration, the two topics:

  • Regarding the topic of ecological toilets, the authorities have conveyed the fact that steps are being taken so that, most likely, in the coming days the situation will be resolved, at least in the area of ​​the border crossing point.
  • Regarding the household waste areas, the administration’s representatives gave assurances that the household waste would be picked up at least once every two days.   

2. Aid for Ukraine

Maria,  FARA Foundation: The warehouse in the Siret is managed by the Blood Organization for Romania. At the moment, the organization is on a donation drive.

=> Mihaela, Amurtel, will discuss with the organization’s managers to assess whether, after the current donation, there is the possibility of donating goods to refugees from Ukraine, following the request of the  FARA Foundation.


Topics discussed today:

3. Bucovina Institute, Center for Social Emergencies

The CSE coordinator, Alina Zăgan, presented the projects and activities carried out in the center, intended for refugees: the integration of children in schools, by organizing Romanian and English language courses, supporting support groups for mothers where they expose the situations they face, and for which they seek solutions, legal and other support is also provided, depending on the individual family situation. Two after-school programs are being held, one in Fălticeni and one in Suceava, and soon a new after-school group will be established for the Suceava community. In addition to the activities carried out in the centers and outdoor, activities are also organized in other locations and localities. The association also provides these types of services to refugees across the border.


4. Fight for Freedom Association

Adriana Ignat, presented the main actions that the Association carries out in support of refugees. At the centre in Verești and the centre in Suceava, children are accommodated, together with their guardians, for whom accommodation, hot meals, educational support and organization of extracurricular activities are provided, collaborating in this sense with other organizations. In Ukraine, the Association constantly provides, especially to people in conflict-affected areas, packages of food, water and other products.