Civil Society Coordination Meeting on 25th August 2022 – Meeting Minute

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Subjects for the previous meeting agenda:
Since the items discussed on the agenda of last week’s meeting have been resolved and no further questions have been raised, the discussion continues with the items on the agenda for the day.


Subjects addressed on the agenda of the day:

1. Rumours circulating among the refugees

Dimitris, Medicine du Monde Greece: Many of the refugees that stop by the cabinet, mention that it could be a probability that, before October, the number of Ukrainian citizens fleeing because of the war across the border will increase. The question has been raised whether these rumours should be taken into account, both by the organizations and by the authorities.

=> Dimitris and Diana, CNRR, will go to discuss this topic with the authorities.


2. Payment of electricity costs

Viorel Topală, Star of Hope: How will the organizations’ electricity bills be paid?

Discussions have been held with UNHCR regarding the organization’s involvement in supporting certain expenses, but the outcome of these discussions has not yet been communicated.

=> Retno, UNHCR, will discuss this with the project managers and come back with an answer. 


3. New badges

Mihaela Apostol, AMURTEL: The authorities at PTF Siret consider it opportune to renew the access badges of all the representatives of the organizations that operate within the range of PTF Siret, even if they wear personalized vests or t-shirts.  

  • For the issuance of a new badge, it is necessary for each representative to visit the POA office, with an identity document, like an identity card or passport;
  • Volunteers, but also people who start their activity here, will go to the POA office accompanied by a colleague who already has an access badge;
  • The representatives who are for a fixed period, will have an official document (contract, agreement, certificate, etc.) indicating the established period, and this is written on the access badge;
  • At the end of the activity at PTF Siret, each holder hands over the access badge to the POA office;
  • The renewal of access badges is a priority for the Siret Border Crossing Point, therefore, all the representatives of organizations are invited to visit the POA office to obtain new badges.


Other topics:

  • Retno, UNHCR: CBI Enrolment has moved its headquarters to the same address as the UNHCR headquarters in Suceava, Mihail Sadoveanu Street 9A.
  • New representatives: