Meeting minute of DGASPC Suceava with organisations on 9th August 2022

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Organizer: DGASPC Suceava


Florin Tărnăuceanu, Head of Case Management, Placements and AMP Service

Margreta Isăilă, Deputy Executive Director

Nicoleta Daneliuc, Head of the SEC Children with Disabilities Department / Spokesperson 


1. Aim of the meeting

At the opening, Margareta Isăilă and Florin Tărnăuceanu, DGASPC Suceava: specified the purpose of the meeting as being the exchange of experience and the establishment of contacts between entities to set up a common work plan, as well as the need to strengthen the collaboration between institutions and organizations to form a real team at Suceava county level, which would support the protection and integration of refugees, mothers and children in particular, but also people with disabilities who have chosen to stay in our county in the medium or long term. The purpose of the PRIMERO application will be presented and the need to initiate working proposals for the near future was also underlined. 

Nicoleta Daneliuc, the spokesperson of the Directorate invited each of the representatives of the partner organizations present at the meeting to introduce themselves and describe in a few words, what the intervention and activities carried out with Ukrainian refugees in Siret Customs or the area of Suceava County.

2. Services offered to refugees

Tiberiu Ciortan, Star of Hope Suceava, coordinator at the Border Crossing Point Siret: Services offered to refugees in the Centre in Dorohoi, which has a capacity of 28 places and cares for children with disabilities, and in the Centre in Moara, with a capacity of 10 to 15 places, where families with children with disabilities are accommodated. Since the beginning of the armed conflict, Star of Hope volunteers have also been present in Border Crossing Point Siret, providing services to people and children with disabilities.

Vasile Guțu, World Vision Romania: present in the customs since the beginning of the war, World Vision volunteers have been involved in informing refugees and training specialists who have come into contact with refugees to provide psychological first aid. The focus is now on the community and they plan to open an educational IT HUB on the USV campus by early September, which will be equipped with 10 computers. The beneficiaries of this IT HUB are refugee children and students. 

Florin Tudosă, eLiberare Association: Provide services of anti-trafficking information, through activities such as intervention modules, information sessions, individual safety plans, volunteer training and the COMPASS project with UNICEF. The project focuses on campaigns to prevent child exploitation and labour exploitation of women.

Participants in the information sessions received a voucher. 

Maria Ardujo, Raluca Bida, FARA Foundation: Directs humanitarian convoys, and cares to include children with disabilities in the rehabilitation centre, also 19 refugees are accommodated in the Mihail Refugee Centre in Burdujeni and two families are accommodated in individual houses in Fălticeni. All refugees benefit from social protection. 

Nicoleta Daneliuc asked questions about the support provided by the organizations in identifying jobs for the mothers and provided information about the classification of the disabled. Classification as a handicap in Romania is only done if the child does not have a certificate of classification as a handicap in the country of residence and has a stable domicile in Romania and implicitly a CNP. Registration with a family doctor is necessary for the right to medical assistance in Romania and children with disabilities who remain in Suceava County can benefit from recovery services at DGASPC centres or partner organizations.

Simona Sănduleac, Oksana Muts, Adriana Ignat, Fight for Freedom: More than 1000 refugees benefited from the services of the organization’s centres. Currently, 75 children from an orphanage in the Odessa area have been brought and accommodated at the centre in Veresti, along with their caretakers. Fifteen of the children suffer from mental disorders, and seven of them have physical dysfunctions. Registration with IGI is in progress. 

Mircea Petriuc, Save the Children Suceava Branch: The organization’s services have been offered at Border Crossing Point Siret since the beginning of the conflict, in Siret Camp, in Rădăuți Camp, through mobile teams in the community, but also in the recently opened HUB, where 320 people have already benefited from the services available. A Ukrainian paediatrician has been hired among the HUB personnel. An agreement with the Profi store network to employ refugee mothers.

Mihaela Apostol, AMURTEL Aid Association: Information services and service mapping through the online platform, intended for refugees from Vama Siret and Suceava county. The information is displayed in four languages: Romanian, English, Ukrainian and Russian, and refers to organizations, such as contact details and services offered, information from a legal point of view, regarding transport, accommodation, psychosocial support, temporary protection etc. Support the weekly meeting of organizations at Vama Siret and facilitate referrals of refugee needs to organizations that provide those services.

Daniela Năsui, Bucovina Institute: Vouchers distribution, hygiene kits including in Chernivtsi, Romanian language educational services, works with Clever Children Afterschool, they also organized a support group where 900 mothers and children benefited from these services. An after school was opened at the Association’s headquarters for refugee children whose mothers were integrated into the workforce.

3. PRIMERO App presentation

Florin Tărnăuceanu, DGASPC Suceava presented the PRIMERO application. The purpose of this application, implemented by the ANPDCA with the support of UNICEF and Sera România, is to register all Ukrainian refugee minors who are on the territory of Romania, implicitly on the territory of Suceava county. The application has been functional since its opening, and at the level of Suceava county, the specialists and the coordinator within DGASPC Suceava, have started the registration of minors in the territory to monitor their protection. This application will also have the role of reuniting Ukrainian families.

Organizations can help identify them and provide services based on their needs.

4. Collaboration proposals

Florin Tărnăuceanu requested proposals from the participants regarding communication and collaboration in the future in a constructive way.

Daniela Năsui, Bucovina Institute: proposed that the organizations meet regularly to present their activities, and collaborate in a complementary way, also organize a WhatsApp group, for easy communication.

Mihaela Apostol, AMURTEL: Weekly meetings are organized at PTF Siret, every Thursday at noon, with physical and online participation, on zoom, where all organizations that offer services for refugees are invited, both at Border Crossing Point Siret, as well as on the territory of Suceava county. Even organizations that provide services across the border, on the territory of Ukraine, are invited to participate and share their experience. The purpose of the meetings is to update information from the authorities, to expose some situations to be solved, some collaboration proposals, and some projects, to facilitate the opportunity for organizations to recommend each other’s services, for better results. The topics discussed in these meetings are displayed on the website and the related link are posted on the WhatsApp coordinators group of the organizations and the representatives of the authorities. Organizations are therefore invited to attend these meetings.

  • Additional clarifications were needed regarding the Primero Application, as a result of the intervention of Mr Mircea Petriuc, president of the Save the Children Organization, Suceava Branch.


We believe that the meeting was beneficial for all parties, establishing contacts and links between the organizations, as well, in terms of clarifying some legal issues.

On the other hand, we will keep in touch regarding the involvement of each entity in solving the identified needs, depending on the specifics of the activity carried out. 


We succeed together!

Nicoleta Daneliuc, DGASPC Suceava