Civil Society Coordination Meeting on 4th august 2022 – Meeting Minute

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1. Actions points taken from the previous agenda:

  • Ionuț Ursu, Volunteer for Life, was contacted. He assured us that all the problems arising at the water-sewage installation and at the electrical installation were solved with priority.
  • Regarding the containers for the Refugee Camp in Rădăuți, a request from Viviana Huțuleac, Rădăuțiul Civic, Ionut Ursu was contacted, and he said that there would be some containers available, but the Volunteers for Life Association no longer has funds available to supports their granting free of charge, therefore, it can be discussed under the conditions the corresponding sums are paid.
  • Regarding the Infopoint Center, to ensure the flow of people, the current arrangement proves helpful.

2. Points of the agenda:

On Thursday, August 4th 2022, Mr. Prefect Alexandru Moldovan convened a meeting with the heads of institutions and NGO representatives. The current situation in Siret Customs regarding the reception of refugees was presented, also the solutions found following the analysis and the actions taken, as well as the situations for which solutions are still being sought, and as well, future solutions that could help streamline the customs flow and road traffic.

The Prefect of Suceava County presented the following plans for discussion at the authorities level:

  • the opening of new border points on the border with Ukraine, to streamline the customs flow at Siret;
  • improving customs flow and road traffic;
  • setting up a space near the border area, as a temporary platform for trucks, properly arranged;
  • regarding the request of organizations to identify a solution for the payment of utility expenses, for the future, following the relocation and reconfiguration of the water and electricity networks, Mr. Prefect proposed that each NGO should prepare an estimate of its own consumption, which would be brought to the knowledge of the authorities.

Deputy Chief of the Border Police:

  • the customs flow of road traffic at the border crossing point was improved in good and safe conditions;
  • two traffic arteries for trucks were added.

The Mayor of the Siret Town:

  • right from the beginning, with the onset of this situation, he responded affirmatively to the requests for organization, location, provision of sanitation and cleaning services, provision of the necessary equipment, cleaning of the roads, as well as the provision of utilities;
  • it is necessary to identify a solution for settling the expenses incurred so far;
  • until another solution, the drainage-sanitary activities will be provided by Siret City Hall.

The Chief Inspector of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations “Bucovina” of Suceava County: 

  • the increase of the response capacity is discussed, by setting up new locations;
  • the widening of traffic lanes is being discussed at the county level;
  • ensuring the continuity of the services offered by NGOs in Siret Customs is taken into account;
  • the need for civil protection by taking in refugees is taken into account, as well as ensuring the provision of services to refugees;
  • UNHCR and IOM have shown their willingness to financially support part of the services provided to refugees, but also part of the expenses for smaller NGOs;
  • the improvement of the flow of people starting with the Infopoint Center and the waiting tents was analyzed.

At the moment, the requests of the NGOs have been discussed and given for resolution.

3. Other business on today’s agenda:

The Save the Children organization opened a new counselling centre in Suceava, intended for refugees, which functions as a HUB of complementary services, such as psychosocial activities for children and adolescents, information and legal advice, supervised space for children’s online education, mother and child spaces, counselling/therapy and mental health activities and psychosocial support.