Civil Society Coordination Meeting on September 22nd, 2022 – Meeting Minutes


Previous agenda:

  • Regarding the request brought up in a previous meeting by Adriana, IOM, consisting of an immediate need for cleaning products for Radauti Camp, Retno from UNHCR, together with Mihaela, from AMURTEL, held a discussion at the level of the refugee camp management from Rădăuți, regarding this situation. Therefore, cleaning and hygiene products are constantly needed, and because the influx of refugees can increase suddenly, these stocks must be procured in advance. Some of these products, which were constantly consumed, are laundry detergents, chlorine and disinfectants, head mop, buckets, bin bags, disposable gloves, personal hygiene products, coffee, sugar, disposable cups, etc.

Organizations that have the ability to provide support in this regard are invited to contact the management of the Rădăuți refugee camp.


  • Delia, Save the Children Organization, discussed with the representatives of Siret City Hall regarding the place back of ecological toilets. The response of the local administration is that the contract with the provider of this service has expired. The mayor’s office will analyze the situation and come back with an answer.

=> Delia will update us regarding this information at the next meeting.


Topics discussed:

1. Training sessions

Good Neighbors International: at the beginning of October, training sessions are organized for volunteers and specialists working within the organizations. The location is in Suceava, and the performance period will be communicated in due time.


2. The visit of the Frontex team

During the meeting, we received a visit from the FRONTEX Fundamental Rights Monitor team, which was interested in the situation of refugees entering Romania at the Siret Border Crossing Point, the organizations currently active at Siret Border Crossing and the services offered by them, but also about the accommodation of refugees in organized centres or in individual homes.



Hellenic Red Cross: On Saturday, September 24, the Hellenic Red Cross ends its work at the Siret Border Crossing Point, with the mobile unit withdrawing to Greece.